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Powerful Anti-Trump Ad ROCKS the Internet: ‘You Knew I Was a Snake Before You Took Me In’

If and when Donald Trump loses in November, MeidasTouch.com should receive the Medal of Freedom for producing an ad that lures the viewer in with what appears to be Trump reading (he can read?) the tale of the snake.

The ad has one on the edge of their seat from the beginning, something’s different, raw, edgier. It has Trump reading the story of “the snake,” but has flashbacks to his past. You can’t look away, and you feel fear setting in from the very beginning.

I don’t want to set it up, it’s better to watch it without knowing too much going into it, and I’ll meet-up down below to discuss the reaction and where this is going – which better be to televisions and YouTube videos everywhere.

All that history, the Trump steaks, the Central Park Five, the Trump University stuff, the women, friendship with Epstein, and when the snake acts like a snake and bites? “You knew I was a snake before you let me in.”


It is the perfect metaphor, and the power of the metaphor certainly isn’t lost on the net.

It was … I am still shaking. “You knew I was a snake when you let me in …” Is just so perfect.

The Christian imagery is compelling, too – the snake, tempting Eve (forget that it is of course the woman, forget that for a moment), promising everything if he or she just does what they know to be wrong. They knew Trump shouldn’t be president, they knew he had too little experience, too little education, depth, all of it – they knew he was a racist, raped women, cheated. They got tempted by a snake, telling them they could have it all. They wanted it all because they were angry, even though they knew it was wrong!

Because that is who Trump “is,” and that is what they voted for – and they know it.

To be honest it was read so coherently that I thought for a bit that they perhaps dubbed part of it. Maybe he slithered right into that role.

That is exactly what I was getting at by saying the religiosity of this will be highly effective, picking at that part of them (some of them) that knew better, and went ahead and did it anyway, because they hated Hillary.

For all the power of the Lincoln Project Ads, this ad goes places they probably can’t go, this is darker, more dangerous. This ad went into the collective “id” of the Republican party as it exists now, and lays down the challenge. I am still breathing hard.

Spread this ad absolutely everywhere.


Peace, y’all


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