Tiffany Trump Once Needed Half-Sister Ivanka’s Help to Get Money From Their Father

Sometimes it is pretty easy to start feeling a little bit sorry for Barron Trump, and even more so for Tiffany Trump.

It must be awful being a young girl-woman whose father had once said he didn’t want pictures taken with her due to her fat face! Oh, and she had to grow-up with an extremely weird vibe between her father and his oldest daughter, her half-sister? Imagine what that must be like?

We had to consider Tiffany’s fate lately, as she was in the news as a newly-minted graduate of Georgetown School of Law.

It’s very impressive because Georgetown is a real deal law school, not Trump University. Her father even managed to tweet congratulations to her, a day after people had commented that he hadn’t said anything about it. Today, Trump “invited” Tiffany to the White House, which is a bit weird.

Couldn’t she just come by? Ivanka works there. Tiffany has been living in Washington D.C. – apparently – so, is she like a “guest” who is different than the others? Does Don Jr. need to be “invited” to the White House? It’s just weird.

It is also weird that Ivanka would write a book, in which she says that Tiffany once asked her how to “get to her father” to ask for money:

One of the reasons why the things are as they are is that Ivanka revealed her opinion on Tiffany in her book called “The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life.” According to the first daughter, Tiffany once approached her with a question. Tiffany wanted to know how to get to her father so that she could ask him money.

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Now let’s take this with a gigantic grain of salt. Because in the next clause, Ivanka said:

Ivanka spoke with her sister and directed her on how she could ask Donald for the money that she needed. She didn’t ask for much, stated Ivanka, as Tiffany is a modest girl. Jared Kushner’s wife added that Tiffany always tried her best to fit in with her family and friends.

Now it all makes sense because that sounds exactly like the Ivanka we know and disdain. She is telling us in her “pretty little way” that her father is such a masterclass, A-1, shithead, that Tiffany couldn’t even get him on a phone, so she needed Ivanka’s help. (Never mind that he would have some kind of “relationship” with his child). And of course, Ivanka was there to help, because she is just that way, a very charitable person. It was “only a little amount” – Ivanka had to say, to basically tell us that Tiffany was “that bad off.” Then out of nowhere, Ivanka says her sister “tried her best to fit in with her family and friends” – and obviously didn’t, or her back-stabbing big sister wouldn’t have needed to mention it.

That sounds exactly like Ivanka, condescending, cunning, cutting, catty – and doing it all with a smile, batting of the eyes, and soft giggle. SLAM! You’re dead.

Ivanka couldn’t get through Georgetown law if her life depended on it. They don’t put names on tests, so there’s no way for her to “influence” how she did.

Meanwhile, Trump admitted there is a conflict between those he considers his “real children” and Tiffany:

While guesting on The Howard Stern Show, Trump famously said that his children get sad when they hear that he will have another child. The reason, according to him, is that they quickly realize that they will receive 20% less of their inheritance.

POTUS was also asked if there were ever conflicts between the children from his marriages. Trump responded with a yes. Considering that this interview was before Barron was born, he obviously talked about Ivanka, Don Jr, Eric, and Tiffany.

Ya think? Maybe that’s why we were treated to a “Children of the Corn” picture of the three “Trump Organization” kids with Tiffany “left-out.” Maybe that’s also why we don’t see “rugged man” and “average guy” Don Jr. ever inviting Barron to go camping, or out to a game or fcking something! He could cover the fact that his father was an ass who never did such things by saying “My dad is president, he doesn’t have time. I do. So I’m taking Barron hiking in Colorado …” It would almost make me re-think Don Jr. Unfortunately, for Barron, I don’t have to.

Sometimes I feel sorry for Barron … and Tiffany. Sometimes.


Peace, y’all


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