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Trump Gets Slammed After Tweeting Out Praise for Convicted Rapist Mike Tyson

Of course, Trump would be a huge fan of a man who, many prefer to forget, was convicted of forcibly raping an 18-year-old girl/woman in Indiana. Tyson served several years in prison while being one of the richest and most powerful athletes in the world, protected by some of the richest most ruthless business interests in the world, due to no small amount of courage by the woman, police, and prosecutors.

Of course, it’s nothing new for Trump to support rapey Mike Tyson. Very very few people remember, but Trump didn’t think Mike Tyson should serve one single day in prison for the rape. Apparently, Trump doesn’t believe that rapists should serve prison time … if they’re rich because there’s a better solution. Buy your way out:

Here is Trump, in 1992, days after Tyson was found guilty:

“I’m totally opposed to obviously what happened. I’m a very strong believer in harsh punishment,” Trump said. “But we think it’s probably, in this particular case, a lot more good can be done by having Mike Tyson pay a substantial award both to the victim subject to court approval and creating a ward for people that were abused or raped in the state of Indiana.”

Then Trump did what Trump does best, he blamed that little slut for making Tyson rape her.

“You have a young woman that was in his room, his hotel room late in the evening at her own will. You have a young woman who was seen dancing for the beauty contest [the next day], dancing with a big smile on her face, looked happy as could be,” Trump said.

And women have no right to say no! So, according to old Donald Trump, back when he didn’t have to watch his message quite as much, he blames her for being in the room late. Then the next day, she put on a performance for which she’d spent years preparing. So, of course, it “wasn’t bad.”


I do want to say that I believe in remorse and paying a debt to society and his victim – which Tyson certainly did. He did prison time at the peak of his career and lost hundreds of millions of dollars. He has been punished and never again accused. So this is less about supporting Tyson now than it is about revealing how men who stalk and attack women professionally think.

They think they’re “tough.”

Tyson came out in support for Trump’s candidacy in 2015, after which Trump expressed approval at a rally.
“I love it. He sent out a tweet. Mike. Iron Mike,” Trump said. “You know, all the tough guys endorse me. I like that, OK?”
“Tough guy” who whines on Twitter all day.

Speaking of which, Twitter was grossed out:


Peace, y’all


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