Trump Just Told Reporters He Wants to Put Them in a Rocket and Shoot Them to Space

Donald Trump said on Thursday that he would like to put journalists in the NASA and SpaceX rocket launch next week and send them away “for a while.”

After being asked by a reporter about the upcoming NASA and SpaceX rocket launch, Trump said, “I’m thinking about going, that’ll be next week, to the rocket launch. I hope you’re all going to join me. I’d like to put you in the rocket and get rid of you for a while.”

Trump is on his way to Michigan to tour a Ford plant…which is basically the closest thing he can get to a rally. He will speak to the workers, slam the media, say that he has done a better job at managing the pandemic that anyone on Earth, you know the drill.

Here’s Trump leaving for Michigan. These little videos are becoming a normal thing…Trump is just such a narcissist.

But Trump most likely won’t be wearing a mask at the plant, even though Ford is requiring it:

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God forbid he send a positive message to the citizens of the country he “leads!”

Then Trump poo-pooed the recent study that showed had Trump acted one week earlier, almost 40,000 lives would be saved.

And then Trump said he wanted to shoot reporters into space. Because why not.

I have no idea what this even means:


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