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Trump Retweets D-List Actor Kevin Sorbo Excusing Him from Showing His Taxes (Which He Promised to Do)

Donald Trump first promised to release his taxes in 2015. Trump was happy to do it, supposedly, it’s just the gosh darn things were “under audit” and as soon as the audit was complete, he promised to release his taxes.

Meanwhile, he also complained that he was always being audited. Regardless, it is now 2020 and Trump is running again. Trump no longer talks about audits, indeed when Congress and the state of New York subpoenaed his taxes, Trump didn’t say a thing about audits. He said “no,” and took the case to court. The court case has been heard by the United States Supreme Court and the decision will likely be released at some point this month.

Of course, all the audit talk was nothing more than a cover. Trump is not going to release his taxes. We can speculate, but I suspect that everyone knows that if Trump was an extremely rich billionaire who had done everything “by the book,” he would have those taxes in front of our faces every other day.

You would think that Trump supporters could see what happened here and – at the very least – acknowledge that Trump looks bad in this.

Nope. D-List actor Kevin Sorbo uses a technique known to every Trump-follower, GOPer, “Karen,” it is called the “whadabout” defense! They think that others should have their taxes examined, “whadabout” and leave poor Trump alone!

So, Trump retweeted this:

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Here’s proof Trump retweeted it:

Did it not occur to him that perhaps both parties should have their taxes examined? Do we have to pick one or the other? I mean, all the accountants in this country are working from home, some not having enough to do with businesses all closed down, I think we have the manpower to analyze both sets of taxes.

I am sick of the Karens and their “whadabouts.” Show us the taxes from every senator, congressman, and Trump. “Whadabout the Supreme Court?” Yes! Do them, too.


Peace, y’all


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