Trump Says He Won’t Wear a Mask Out of Spite and Americans are Disgusted

He will die before he wears a mask. Literally.

We have a president who, if he was actually following the best-practices in medical science, and all that, would be in isolation right now, for at least another week.

The Canadian Prime Minister’s wife tested positive for COVID-19, and Trudeau followed isolation procedures, not because Trudeau is a doctor, but because he’s sensible and listened in school. We know Trump himself had exposure to the virus. He is one of those lucky few that we’d be able to isolate and watch.

Instead, our president is walking through a Ford manufacturing plant as the only person without a mask (well, his staff are there too, also mask-less), violating Michigan state law, and the Ford plant rules, letting us know once again, that no one ever made a law that Trump isn’t willing to break.

Here is an interesting question. If someone in the group now comes down with the disease, there could be a real argument that it was “perhaps” Trump that brought the disease to the plant. The White House test is the one that can be famously “false negative” and some people “don’t have symptoms.” We know all of that. For all Trump knows, he’s carrying that virus and doesn’t give a flying ffff. He is probably not carrying it, but the point is he doesn’t care, and wouldn’t wear a mask if he KNEW he was carrying it.

It is a rule to wear masks at the Ford plant. For a reason. People all around him were wearing one. He said to the press that he wore goggles and a mask while in other areas, but he didn’t want the press to see him with a mask on. Says everything you need to know. A. He is lying. B. He wants you to know he’ll do what he wants.

How many people is he going to kill? Because it is that attitude, right there, “I am too tough to wear a mask, as opposed to you, you gay-married, panty-waisted, libtards!” That is what is going to get over 10,000 people killed by the time it is all said and done. He encourages people around here, around where I live, to make their “political statement” by not wearing a mask. Trump managed to make the one single agreed-upon thing that will help speed-up an open economic recovery – wearing a mask – something too political to do.

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It is part of the culture war, and yes, with victims dying on the battlefield. Over 10,000 – well, over. Subject to change.

And, as you might expect, Americans are furious:

And this tweet from Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz really nails it:


Peace, y’all


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