Trump Says There Is ‘Incredible Demand’ for His Rallies and He Might Go to a Stadium in Florida or Georgia

Did you know that there was an unmet demand for Trump rallies down Georgia and Florida way? Trump does.

He is fixin’ to get him some product down there, right proper. ‘Says he’s gonna get himself a big ole stadium, probably outdoors, you know – where the Dawgs play? Gonna fill that big boy up, too. Gotta meet that demand. There’s money in rallies these days.

Jesus Christ streaming church on Sunday, someone please help us!

Yeah, that makes sense. Because that way, people will park their cars in each of six spaces, and line up all properly with masks on, and not touch people, or fcking tailgate! Then, once in the stadium, since these people think he’s Jesus, no one is going to push or shove their way up to the front, no way, not ever, not with this hoax going on.

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Because that’s what makes this all worth it to him! It f’ing sucks being Putin’s dog. Plus, Trump’s taking huge risks! Do you know how much cash he’s taken from the Saudis? He’s criminally on the hook for that, man. The good part is he gets to go into arenas and feel like Bono! And Bono can’t start armageddon, so it’s even more powerful!

He is going to do it anyway. Watch. Yes, Parscale, “Jared,” and even Kayleigh will sit him down and force him to watch fictional news broadcasts of the disease spreading from his “rally” and he’ll deny that it will happen and do it anyway. I promise.

The “demand” is in his hippocampus, it is firing out from every dopamine and endorphin receptor in his neural system, he is going down south and gonna mainline some rally! He can feel it coursing in his veins right now.

He is going to do it. The MAGAs will – of course – come. There is an unmet “demand” for more insanity. Florida and Georgia are excellent places to start, both being highly prized electoral states where Trump is currently in trouble and both stuffed to the gills with more than adequate local media that will note the “spike” in cases ten days after the rally. And it will flow from there.

There will be at least one rally, maybe two, before Trump figures out they were a bad idea. Can you feel it?


Peace, y’all


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