Trump’s Bringing Tiffany to the WH Today to ‘Congratulate Her in Person’ After Getting Slammed for Ignoring Her Graduation From Law School

Donald Trump didn’t publicly acknowledge that his daughter, Tiffany Trump, had graduated from Georgetown Law School until four days after the fact…and still found a way to make his daughter’s accomplishment all about him. And now, according to CNN he will be bringing Tiffany to the White House on Wednesday to congratulate her in person.

The president congratulated his 26-year-old daughter in a Wednesday tweet quipping, “just what I need is a lawyer in the family.”

Trump’s congratulatory tweet came only after CNN and Vanity Fair noted on Tuesday that not a single Trump family member had yet publicly acknowledged Tiffany’s Saturday graduation.

It’s unclear what Tiffany is planning to do with her law degree, but she said in October 2016 that she’s “interested” in working for her father’s business and that she’d bring “a different kind of skill set to the company.”

This isn’t the first time the president has appeared to spurn his younger daughter. Last fall, Trump’s former executive assistant, Madeleine Westerhout, told reporters that the president didn’t like to be photographed with Tiffany because he believed she was “overweight.”

The president said at the time that he would call Tiffany to reassure her that Westerhout’s claim was untrue. He insisted that Westerhout, who was forced to resign over the incident, was “a very good person.”

“I’m going to say it’s just absolutely false,” he told reporters. “Tiffany is a wonderful person. She studies so hard. She’s a great student.”

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And CNN’s Kate Bennett just reported that Trump invited Tiffany to the White House today so he can congratulate her in person. Another dumb photo op.

Twitter had some thoughts:


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