Watch Trump’s Bizarre Behavior as He Watches Rocket Launch and is Strangely Unable to Stand Still

For those people who like to monitor indications regarding Trump’s health, today provided some banner material to evaluate and some of it is both really scary while also almost laugh out loud funny, like a caricature of a horrible clueless person who is president.

First, there is the fact that Trump went to a platform to watch the SpaceX rocket launch with “walk-in” music. Who the hell does this? We know that in India, Trump came into a stadium with 100,000 people, to music, “Macho Man” by the Village People. Now, how many adults could endure such humiliation without turning to someone and saying “Please kill me now!”

We thought it was an India thing. Then Trump did it again today, at NASA, with no crowd outside that we can discern! Indeed, in the video below, the song is still playing while it looks like Mike Pence and his wife “Karen” (Of course!) are just taking their bearings. Trump turns to adjust his tie and do more looking around like he can no longer stand still before the music even ends.

Think I’m exaggerating? I’m not, and there is a second video below with even more disturbing stuff.

What. The. Hell.? Even though the camera is a ways away, we see so much odd stuff. What is going on? What is he doing with walk-in music? And then unable to stand still? Clearly the Pences are just surveying the scene, still acting “normal” – on the Trump scale.

Oh, yes, and standing still? Look below:

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Never mind just “wearing a girdle” – many people replied noting the back of the jacket. Look at the pants kind of bulging out, if one wants to just describe his physical appearance – which I don’t, usually, because we don’t make fun of things like that in anyone … even if there was anyone who deserved it …

Notice that the rocket has barely, and I mean barely, cleared the tower and he’s bored already or can’t stand still, Mike and Karen have their eyes glued while Trump is already done with this. Some detected ticks in his stance and even involuntary movements. I noticed how wooden he was as he turned. It is difficult to discern on this particular video. What it does show is one of the coolest things to watch on earth, Mike and Karen watching the rocket leave orbit, and Trump simply unable to watch.

It looks like he must be the center of attention, and if not, he’s not into it.

Unbelievable. And more than a little scary. Today, Trump unilaterally changed the G7 meetings to the G11. The “G7” is supposed to be composed of the world’s 7 biggest economies. Trump seems to have randomly put Australia, South Korea, and India in, because “Russia” is number 11. He would be the easiest person to manipulate. He cannot pay attention or concentrate.

I also just kind of want to point out that what kind of man has a son who is 14 (or so) and doesn’t take his son to a rocket launch at NASA? A man who’s not a father, or a dad. A sperm “donor.” Except most sperm donors would become a “dad” if they lived with their son.

Perfect, we’ll end with that.


Peace, y’all


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