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Americans Horrified After Trump Threatens ‘Lowlife’ Protesters In Tulsa

The president of the United States is now daring people to show up and protest at his event at their own risk, warning that they won’t be treated well, and he’s bragging about it.

The tweet is just 25 minutes old as of this writing and it is reverberating around the net like few that Trump has issued of late. Follow below for some of the reaction.

Many have reported the tweet below to Twitter as a threat. #Threatening is trending.

That is indeed an unbridled and proud threat.

Who is he to say how the local police will handle everything anyway, and why would he egg people on? Why wouldn’t a president encourage everyone to peacefully gather in a “celebration”?

Because it is Donald Trump, that is why. He loves this shit. He is out of control and “not well.” People around the net have noticed this new, unstable, level.

Who do you think is/was a better president?

Trump is simply trying to stir shit up. They are finally covering this tweet on MSNBC, few of his tweets get an immediate response and analysis from televised media, this is clearly a step beyond what anyone expects even at this point. MSNBC was left to interview a Trump campaign aide, Mark Lotter, to say that Trump only meant “looters” and “agitators,” and that “peaceful” protesters are okay, even though that isn’t at all what Trump said.

Not for nothing, but Oklahoma has seen a record rise in COVID cases in the last week, and yet Trump’s campaign spokesman says that it is a celebration of “re-opening.”

More reaction:

This is a good point. The tweet can almost be read as a directive to the Tulsa PD, to not treat protesters respectfully and peacefully.

Good one.

Yep. Law and Order.

#Threatening is trending number one on Twitter. The Tweet has been up 40 minutes as of this posting.

God help us all. Tomorrow is going to be a mess. We will cover it here.


Peace, y’all
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