Anderson Cooper Eviscerates Kayleigh McEnany for Comparing Trump to Churchill, ‘This President Praises Tyrants!’

Well, this was rather refreshing to watch.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper absolutely destroyed White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Wednesday night and asked how she could possibly compare Donald Trump to Winston Churchill.

Cooper brought up the scathing statement from James Mattis calling out Trump, and it coming in the wake of controversy surrounding current Defense Secretary Mark Esper and the question of using the military to deal with protests and riots.

But Cooper was particularly stunned by McEnany saying the following about the president’s photo op at St. John’s Church:

“Through all of time, we’ve seen presidents and leaders across the world who have had leadership moments and very powerful symbols that were important for a nation to see at any given time to show a message of resilience and determination. Like Churchill, we saw him inspecting the bombing damage. It sent a powerful message of leadership to the British people. And George W. Bush throwing out the ceremonial first pitch after 9/11. And Jimmy Carter putting on a sweater to encourage energy savings. And George H.W. Bush signing with the Americans with Disabilities Act flanked by two disabled Americans.”

“Kayleigh Mcenany, who seems like a nice person, I know her, she used to be a commentator at CNN, seems like a person of strong faith. Maybe she believes what she’s saying,” he said. “But comparing the president of the United States to Winston Churchill?”

“Churchill joined the military, saw combat. The president avoided all that, as we know. Bone spurs, we’re told,” Cooper elaborated. “Churchill wrote books. The president, he’s had books ghostwritten for him.”

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He continued going down a list and said, “Churchill rallied Britain in the face of evil. He united the world against it. This president praises tyrants. He seeks to emulate them. The press secretary compares the two men… I mean, she’s right. They’re both leaders of countries. They’re both old. They’re both large. And both walked through rubble. One did it for his country. Trump did it for himself.”



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