Brilliant New Ad Targets Ivanka Trump and the Disgusting Nepotism in Trump’s White House

Yesterday, for reasons known only to the Trumps themselves, the administration believed it to be a good idea to have Ivanka lead the charge in the release of new federal government hiring requirements, shifting the focus away from those pesky “degrees” and more toward “experience” and “skills.” On the face of it, there’s nothing wrong with giving federal employers more latitude to waive certain degree requirements. Used correctly, such an order could be a good thing. If someone has thirty years of experience testing oil refinery sites for safety, we aren’t that concerned if he or she has a degree in chemistry. On the other hand, if someone is going to operate on a soldier’s shattered knee, having an MD over an accounting degree seems fairly important, regardless of experience. It all depends on how the order is implemented.

For that very reason, it is odd that the administration would lean upon nepotism Barbie to roll out the new hiring guidelines. Princess Ivanka has no pertinent degree, nor experience, to work as a high-level senior White House advisor, neither does her husband, Prince Jared. Indeed, the cynical among us might look at this new order as nothing more than a means to make it easier to bring people with the right DNA into positions, so that in the future, the junior princesses and princes don’t have to take all those hard tests at school.

The fact that it was Princess Ivanka – acting very much in the role of “princess,” as if her birth has granted her an official role in the U.S. government – who announced the new plan. Our good friends at Meidas Touch were all over it before the day was even over. 

Take that, Ivanka!

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