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Calls Go Out for Trump to Resign Following More Devastating Details of Russia Bounty Bombshell

The American public is furious.

Below is a tour culling out what is being said on the net regarding Trump’s failure to protect American troops and why it might relate to some debt that Trump owes Putin – since it is Russia that paid to kill Americans, and Trump has yet to demand that they stop or pay reparations. Whether he knew or not, the silence now is telling its own story. The tweets below do not come from one thread and responses, they are all original tweets from people demanding answers.

We have written that Trump may not survive this month as president, and we’re not alone:

MSNBC reports that GOP congressional figures will be briefed by the White House today. Interesting that no Democrats are invited, but that’s just Trump being Trump. He isn’t everyone’s president:

Depending upon what they hear, it will be interesting to see if their opinion upon leaving amounts to a vote of no confidence, letting Trump know that it is over. Trump’s polling was in the high 30s before this story broke. It would seem that it has to slip another 5-10%.

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The media might be giving it a few days to gather all the facts, get a complete picture.

It is not out of the question that Trump could face a second impeachment prior to the election, this one much faster and less detailed:

If the facts show that, yes Russia was paying bounties for American lives, yes Americans were killed and bounties were paid, and yes Trump was told, then he should be removed from office immediately before others die. Since we haven’t heard from the White House, we’re left to near assume this is the case, and people are noticing, and getting angrier:

Yes, it is.

Right now, only Republicans are being told details. Pelosi is furious that she’s being left on the outside:

If they are not told very soon, expect impeachment hearings to initiate again. The issue is that serious.

Adam Schiff is back on the case:

Trump never said Putin is “our” friend (not that we can recall), he certainly said that “he,” himself, believes that Putin s a friend.

We will continue to provide updates on a day stuffed with news. But no news, even Supreme Court cases and COVID updates rise to the level of a president who seems to be siding with the enemy. Something must be done, as you can see above.


Peace, y’all
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