Christian Activist Ralph Reed is Angry Evangelicals Have Been ‘Attacked and Demeaned’ for Supporting Trump

Political consultant and right-wing Christian activist Ralph Reed made an appearance on Daystar’s program “Joni Table Talk” to hawk his new book “For God and Country: The Christian Case For Trump.” He used the opportunity to express his disappointment that his fellow Christians are continually “demeaned” for supporting President Donald Trump even though they have been completely “vindicated” because the president regularly enacts their political agenda.

“I think what Christians saw was not a perfect man because none of us are perfect,” Reed said, using a familiar talking point evangelicals use to defend Trump. “Not someone who had never failed to sin or make mistakes. He’s acknowledged that he’s a sinner, as we all are.”

But Right Wing Watch notes that Reed’s claim doesn’t match up with Trump’s own assertions that he’s a good person who doesn’t “do a lot of things that are bad” and therefore doesn’t ask for God’s forgiveness.

The program’s host, Joni Lamb agreed with Reed’s portrayal of Trump, adding that “there definitely is something that has happened to him spiritually because there’s no way that he would go through what he’s gone through to fight for these things that are important to us had he not had some type of encounter with the Lord.”

“The real message of the book is that citizenship is not an option if you’re a believer, it’s an obligation,” Reed said at one point. “And these tens of millions of Christians who prayed, who wrestled with Jacob, who struggled with a very difficult decision in 2016, and then 81 percent of them voted for Donald Trump, they were vindicated by what he’s done to advance the values and principles that beat in their hearts and give meaning to their souls. They were vindicated. And I for one am tired of seeing them attacked and demeaned for making the decision they made.”

But the problem is, they voted for a man who’s an obvious racist and possibly a white supremacist, a man who has been a monster to many women. A man who is responsible for the deaths of many thousands of Americans as a crippling pandemic wears on. A man who is petty and erupts in anger if he receives the slightest criticism. So maybe they were vindicated on one stage, but they’re going to have to wear this hat because they bought racism, homelessness, misogyny, and a country now effectively torn apart for the rest of us.

Here’s what Reed had to say in the clip below.

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