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Former U.S. Attorney Says Barr Is Headed for Indictments if Trump Loses in November

It is extremely dangerous to democracy when each side firmly believes that it should imprison the other side for traitorous crimes. If one spends any time on Twitter, one learns that the MAGA heads are convinced that Obama, Holder, Lynch, Comey, and others committed “treason” and sedition and that any day now, indictments are coming down to imprison them for life.

Having said that, it is truly awful that the Democrats not only believe the same thing about the Republicans but that we Democrats have ample reason and evidence to do so. One could and should make the argument that it would be an offense to democracy to not prosecute the major players in the Trump administration including Trump – the most corrupt administration of our time if and when the evidence comes out.

According to The Daily Beast:

Attorney General Bill Barr was in on Trump’s scheme to bribe and lean on Ukraine’s president. He let his boss’ criminal cronies off the hook. But the worst part, former DOJ prosecutor Glenn Kirschner says, was Barr’s crackdown in Lafayette Square on people just expressing their First Amendment rights.

And if Barr isn’t under criminal investigation in 2021 for that, he tells Rick Wilson and Molly Jong-Fast, then “shame on us.”

It’s all part of a jam-packed episode of The New Abnormal in which Kirschner crucifies the AG and the Trump administration: “I would say under Donald Trump—first to Jeff Sessions, then to Matt Whitaker, and then to Bill Barr—it has gone from bad to worse to criminal.”

The podcast is within the link above.

An investigation and prosecution of Donald Trump, Bill Barr, and other major players in the Trump administration (Pompeo) would require a wave election in which Biden wins and Democrats retake the Senate. It would require the American people to strongly reject all things Trump in a major statement. The Senate and House should start a joint-commission, like the 9-11 commission or the Warren Commission, into Russian interference in our democracy and let that commission find the trails of corruption in the Trump administration from there and follow it through.

Prosecutions should flow from evidence gleaned in those investigations. It would be wrong for the new attorney general to simply start by investigating the last attorney general, same with the president, as we’ll put ourselves in a never-ending cycle of political prosecutions, which would be the end of democracy.

A commission is needed, one could make it non-partisan, using former non-partisan personnel, or bi-partisan, and let the investigation find what it may, all books and documents opened.

If and when that happens, and the evidence we know is likely there, at that point it would be incumbent upon us as Americans to defend the rule of law, and yes – Bill Barr should face indictments. Among many others in this administration.

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