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Humiliated Trump Spotted with Orange Makeup Smeared All Over His Shirt Collar

Ha, we joked this morning that the Tulsa nightmare wasn’t going to end any time soon as we broke down the myriad of ways that the weekend’s disaster demonstrated Trump’s insanity and his team’s incompetence. But none of us had “smear makeup all over clothes” on our Trump-Bingo card. If you did, you’ve got the inside track on the pot.

It is hard to imagine how it is that we got a president that uses any kind of makeup. Yes, appearances have always been a big part of the job, but usually one thinks of $5000 suits, $1000 shoes, power ties, and perfect “hair” – which sometimes means no hair, depending on how one’s head looks. I am not sure I have ever seen a man use as much make-up as Trump does outside of maybe an anchor on TV.

We do know one rule about makeup whether worn by men or women. Keep it off your clothes! This is especially difficult if you wear white, or a lot of pancake makeup. As with everything else this weekend, Trump managed to screw that part up, too, as he did both:

Oh, wow. He is going to regret that picture for the rest of the campaign. There is no “undoing” that one. The possible tears look less worrisome than the vacant look in his eyes. How much Xanax did they give him on the flight home?

Guys, this is just embarrassing:

And now, people are trying to get “Trump wears makeup” trending on Twitter, which I’m sure Trump would just LOVE.

Just remember that Trump purports himself to be a real “manly” man. The alpha. Does this look alpha to you?

One thing that Trump does seem to understand better than most, appearances do matter, especially when people like us know that he cares deeply about appearance. Trump has rejected people for positions, based solely on appearances. He isn’t going to live this one down for quite some time.


Peace, y’all
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