Ivanka Humiliatingly Acts Like She’s the Co-President and People are Tired of It

This. Is. So. Embarrassing.

This also highlights why this nation hasn’t been able to navigate any of the crises that have thundered down upon us in the last year. There are no competent people left in government, and increasingly the nation is being run by the Trump family. This is dangerously close to a monarchy. Who the hell invited Ivanka into the United States government as an official with the power to move policy and present executive orders as if she is someone qualified to function at the highest levels of the United States government? She repeatedly refers to “we” when referencing the federal government. “She” is now speaking for the federal government as one of her personal functions? “We” need …

Were that our only problem.

Ivanka made things worse in two glaring ways. First of all, she is discussing an executive order that loosens requirements to hire applicants for federal positions, doing away with degree requirements. Such a policy may be a good idea in the right hands, which means it’s a horrific policy in Trump hands, since he’s already hired the least qualified staff in history. It is also savagely ironic that they’re talking hiring requirements with someone there purely by nepotism.

Last, and worst, she sucks up to Trump just like any other staffer, making Mike Pence look indifferent. She looks at Trump as if he’s a god while paying homage, saying that he “leads by example.” If she means he was hired even though he was totally underqualified and lacking the requisite education, I suppose she has a point.

Still, it was nauseating.

Look at that, side by side with daddy. As if it’s normal!! Trump truly does want to institute a dictatorship where there is a ruling family and they rule with an iron fist. They are beyond shame.

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You can imagine how people responded:

That was absolutely cringe-worthy!! Why do they think this is okay?? This is unprecedented (Yes, Bobby Kennedy was A.G., and that was taken as a mistake afterward, and not repeated. But at least RFK was a lawyer who might have saved us in the Cuban Missile Crisis!!).

Just watch that video several times and tell us it doesn’t put a pit in one’s stomach. That is so Saddam type of government!


Peace, y’all
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