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Joe Scarborough Says Trump May ‘Leave The Stage’ Rather Than Suffer A Historic Defeat In November

On MSNBC’s Friday edition of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough dropped an interesting theory, suggesting President Donald Trump may be trying to lose the election on purpose. He was interviewing guest Donny Deutsch when he made the suggestion.

That would certainly be good news if it’s true, and it’s not all Scarborough suggested: Trump may even be trying to take the Republican Party down alongside him. But Scarborough noted his theory might be far-fetched, but said he really couldn’t think of any other reason why Trump is taking on so many positions, Mediaite reports.

“This guy that you and I have known for many years, not only is he acting like he doesn’t want to get re-elected, he’s acting like he wants to lose badly and take the Republican party down with him,” he suggested.

But that’s not all.

“This looks like a deliberate attempt to drive his campaign into the ground every day,” Scarborough said. “He knows what he is doing is going to lower the poll numbers, and they are. They are collapsing every day.”

And co-host Mika Brzezinski agreed with Scarborough’s assessment, but added one caveat:

“He doesn’t want four more years,” she said. “That’s clear. You can tell this by his behavior. His attitude towards the health of the American people, he doesn’t want to be there.”

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But she also noted that Trump doesn’t like losing, and Scarborough agreed, suggesting that the president may follow the example of Lyndon Johnson in 1968 and withdraw from the race.

“This is not a guy who is acting like he expects to be around on January 21st, 2021 in the White House,” Scarborough said. “And he’s acting like he’s setting everything on fire before he leaves. He’s known when to leave the stage before. … I would not be surprised if he left the stage again.”

This is speculation of course, but the U.S. is weary of Trump and his constant assault on everything most of us hold sacred. It’s time for him and his team of sycophants to go. Way past time.

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