Kayleigh McEnany Laughably Claims Trump is the ‘Most Informed Person on Planet Earth’ in Disastrous Briefing

Kayleigh McEnany can project an attitude that screams “I resent you questioning Donald Trump’s perfection, and it is so sad that you cannot see the perfection before your eyes, b****. Are you sure you want to ask a question!” Sorry, but that is the attitude she conveys daily, and we’re tired of it, especially today when this president is hiding with blood on his hands.

Kayleigh faced an incredulous and hostile press this afternoon wanting answers on why this White House thinks that it is understandable that Trump “wasn’t briefed” or “didn’t read” (depending on what answer you get at any given point) the intelligence saying that Russia was paying the Taliban to kill American soldiers. To make it worse, reports are now coming out that Trump spoke to Putin five times during this critical period in late March to early April, the point right after he had been briefed on this program.

Good news from Kayleigh, though. The president of the United States “reads.” Notice that Kayleigh doesn’t say what he reads or whether he read this report, just that he reads:

In case it wasn’t obvious in the clip, the assertion that Trump is the most informed person on Earth regarding the threats we face is the punishment Kayleigh inflicts for asking a question she doesn’t like. Not only is your question about “understanding” not appreciated, but she also wants you to know you couldn’t be more wrong.

This is passive-aggressive Kayleigh. She admits that Trump has “now” been briefed on what was in the New York Times and then takes a shot at the New York Times for “interfering” with an issue that was ongoing and there is no “consensus” on the issue.

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“No consensus” is the ultimate defense. It allows Trump to remain quiet. They don’t have to define consensus. The lack of consensus could be that the program isn’t over yet (perhaps some believe it is over now), it could be a lack of consensus over whether there were three troops killed in the program versus five – that’s a disagreement in which there’s no consensus. Are we on the same page about how Kayleigh’s game works? They don’t have to answer definitively for the failure because the program is ongoing, so shut-up and let them figure it out, or the press is the bad guy. THAT is their attitude regarding the scandal of the decade.

We did mention that when the questions kept coming by an incredulous press, Kayleigh ran her ass out of the room. It was a very brief press briefing.

Some of the reviews are coming in. The invaluable Yamiche Alcindor leads off:

Sweet baby Jesus, really?

This is humiliating, and the most serious breach of Trump’s duty as president. We have said it is 50-50 that Trump survives as president through July. Right now, it sure appears that this scandal does threaten to drive him from office.


Peace, y’all
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