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Legal Experts Agree: AG Barr Has Opened Himself Up for Arrest, Charges and Prison Time

One of the cardinal rules in building a fascist-type state – which by definition involves committing crimes while consolidating power for the dictator – is that once one has power, one better damned well win the fight to keep it, because if it is ever lost, then that person is exposed to criminal charges that near prove themselves.

Barr better pray that Trump gets reelected and he remains Attorney General. Barr took to heart the charge to act as Trump’s Roy Cohn, which works fantastic when in power. There is very little structure in place to stop an Attorney General who is out of control. Maybe an inspector general could do it, hence the purge of anyone independent in those offices.

None of that will work if there is a new attorney general next year (Adam Schiff’s name gets thrown around a lot if Kamela Harris is on the ticket as VP – please, God). Barr’s actions will be reviewed by a real prosecutor with no political bent. That prosecutor will look at perjury to Congress about White House direction, and interfering with criminal prosecutions.

Experts agree. Sometime next spring, we could easily see Barr in handcuffs, pulled out of his house, lawyer in tow. Rawstory has a transcript from MSNBC where former prosecutors broke it down:

“I agree with Barb,” said former Northern District of Alabama Attorney Joyce Vance. “This turns on what conversations Barr had with people inside of the White House, or perhaps with people at DOJ, on this same timeline. If he, in any way, had the suggestion planted that he should open investigations — and we know that he did, by the way, in his early days as attorney general, he began to revisit all of these key steps in the Mueller report investigations — so, if there is evidence that he lied in response to Kamala Harris, he could open himself up to prosecution.”

We are going to hear about those orders. We already have, former DOJ officials are testifying to Congress. Harris’s question was so open-ended. That’s why Barr stumbled. He knows he’s in trouble and it could well cost him in the near future.


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