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Mary Trump’s Book Shows Just How Despicable Trump Can Be When He Wants Money

Mary Trump’s book isn’t likely to contain details that will drive Trump from office. After all, we already know that credible sexual assault allegations/lawsuits and a lifelong habit of mingling with the Russian mafia haven’t done it, thus there likely isn’t anything in the book that can’t be rationalized away by the MAGA heads as “Fake!” or at least promoted by someone bitter.

Mary Trump is certainly bitter but she has real reason to be. She is the daughter of Fred Trump Jr., Donald’s older brother, who died at 42 of alcoholism. Mary alleges that Donald and his remaining two siblings manipulated Fred Sr. while in mental decline and suffering from alcoholism to virtually cancel out Fred Jr.’s family, something that people rarely do in wills and trusts. If anything, people often give more to the children of deceased sons or daughters. But not the Trump family.

But if one really wants to appreciate just how despicable Trump can be, Mary can tell you about how Donald and siblings dangled the health of her brother’s baby (her nephew) over the family as a reason to sign off on $200,000 each (whereas we read that Donald got $431 million over his life and in the settlement of the estate) deal that the family offered. From The Daily Mail:

In bitter legal filings Donald and his siblings laid out their reasons for refusing to pay for their great nephew William’s healthcare.

The Trumps argued that Mary and Fred III have already had millions of dollars from them and should be thanking them for their generosity.

Rather than suing them a ‘thank-you would be extremely appreciated,’ they claimed.

The Trumps even claimed that William didn’t actually need 24/7 care – which they dismissed as ‘expensive baby sitting’ – despite his frequent seizures.

Instead of hiring a nurse, Fred III should take a CPR course from the American Red Cross in case William has another cardiac arrest – and resuscitate the boy himself.

In her affidavit Mary claimed: ‘For the defendants to threaten the health of a 10-month-old infant in order to try and force a settlement and thereby cover up their own duplicitous conduct is obscene.

This was a family wealthy beyond shame, one of the very few on earth that could pay for that kind of medical care for a 10 month old, imagine just how despicable you must be to argue that a father should take a CPR course to learn to do CPR on his son should it happen again. They were talking about insurance purchased through Fred Sr.’s company, this was – of course – before Obamacare disallowed insurance companies from banning “pre-existing conditions.” Healthcare costs would have eaten everything, and they knew it. So that’s what Trump and Co. went after.

It is very unhealthy to hate. But it sure seems like it would be unhealthy to not hate each and every member of this clan. We have all had to deal with “greed” in our lives, some of us even fight a little in ourselves. Yet this is on a level that moves beyond human.



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