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Melania Trump Furious After TV Host Questions the Paternity of Son Barron

First Lady Melania Trump has taken issue with a Food Network host who questioned her son Barron Trump’s parentage in a tweet. In a statement issued Tuesday through her spokeswoman, she condemned comments about her 14-year-old son, USA Today reports.

Stand-up comedian John Henson, who also hosts Food Network’s Halloween Baking Championship, ABC’s Wipeout, and E!’s Talk Soup, tweeted Sunday that “I hope Barron gets to spend today with whoever his dad is.”

The tweet is apparently no longer available on Twitter, but the folks at USA Today saw fit to save it for posterity.

Responding to Henson’s tweet, Melania Trump’s spokesperson and Chief of Staff Stephanie Grisham released the statement to The Washington Examiner and The Hill:

“Sadly we continue to see inappropriate and insensitive comments about (President Donald Trump’s) son,” she wrote. “As with every other administration, a minor child should be off-limits and allowed to grow up with no judgment or hate from strangers and the media.”

I’m the last person to empathize with Melania Trump, especially after she wore that repulsive “I don’t care do you?” coat but I think she has a point here. I also think minor children should be off-limits. Former President Barack Obama’s daughters Malia and Sasha should have also been off-limits but they were attacked regularly. I remember an offensive NRA ad that singled them out, and they were called names. And this should never, ever be acceptable. Period.

The difference here is that Sasha and Malia were victims of outright racism, whereas Barron has been mostly subjected to dumb comments, like Henson’s above.

Perhaps Melania is feeling edgy now that the book The Art of Her Deal by Mary Jordan has been published. Jordan’s book revealed that she renegotiated her pre-nuptial agreement to ensure Barron would share equally in the Trump estate with his three siblings.

Whatever the reason, the First Lady has kept her son out of the public eye and doesn’t hold back when someone mentions his name.

In December, law professor Pamela Karlan discovered that after she made an awkward (and also dumb) joke about Barron’s name while testifying during impeachment hearings. That also prompted a swift response, this time from Melania herself.

“The Constitution says there can be no titles of nobility, so while the president can name his son Barron, he can’t make him a Baron,” Karlan told the House Judiciary Committee.”

Who do you think is/was a better president?

Melania’s response was a little bit over the top:

“A minor child deserves privacy and should be kept out of politics,” she said in a tweet. “Pamela Karlan, you should be ashamed of your very angry and obviously biased public pandering, and using a child to do it.”

So whatever you do, insult her husband as much as you like, okay? Just don’t insult her son. By all means, leave the dumb comments for Donald Trump to make, since he excels at this.


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