People are Furious After Kayleigh McEnany Dismisses Russia Bounty Story and Says Trump STILL Hasn’t Been Briefed

Excuse us, but this is fcking outrageous. Our troops deserve one hell of a lot better than this.

The NY Times story broke Friday evening. We haven’t heard a single thing from Trump other than “I didn’t know.” Today, Kayleigh McEnany was asked if Trump had a message to Moscow, her answer is more infuriating than perhaps even allowing it to happen:

Again, this report came out Friday late afternoon, early evening.

Let’s pretend for a moment that Trump didn’t know, something that is becoming less believable by the hour due to the inaction. But if Trump didn’t know, how is it that Trump didn’t call half the intelligence community to the White House Friday evening and demand a full accounting of what they know, what evidence they have, what Moscow has said, and what is the plan going forward? How did they not have a call set-up Monday morning to Moscow?

It is the middle of the day Monday, and Trump has no message to Moscow because – they say – he still hasn’t been briefed!!  There is news out there that there are bounties on American heads, and Trump (who had nothing official on his schedule today except lunch, not exaggerating) hasn’t desperately wanted to learn all that’s happened, doesn’t want to know what they’ve done and what we’ll do? British intelligence has confirmed the story!

People are furious!

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Exactly our thoughts.

We have heard such reports in various media but don’t know the level of confirmation. But given that Trump has yet to say anything, it appears increasingly likely that he knew, and doesn’t know what to do now.

Yes, but the British aren’t hiding anything.

We have written that it is 50-50.

They are twisted up in their own excuses now.

Because there’s no excusing this.

They don’t see the walls closing in on them. To them, this is just another embarrassing scandal.


Peace, y’all
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