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Profusely Sweating Trump Goes NUTS and Spends 20 Minutes Describing How He Walked Down Ramp at West Point

Trump literally spent over twenty minutes talking about how he had no issue getting down the ramp at West Point. No, we are not kidding. That is not an exaggeration. He explained how it was that he had saluted over six-hundred people, and his arm couldn’t do a lot and …

We have coverage from Twitter because this isn’t something that can be described well without commentary from around the net:

Yes, that is what we got down to, or at least they were cheering because they thought he might be moving on? He apparently does not understand that the crowd watches Fox News and thus they literally have no idea what the hell Trump is talking about. He just spent 20 minutes describing a “problem” that likely no one in the crowd knew existed.

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Yes, he wanted credit for having to do the salutes, and his ability to get through all of them, before walking down a ramp that was like an ice-skating rink – according to Trump. It was one of the most surreal experiences one can have watching a U.S. president.

Except he went on another 15 minutes. Rick thought it was near over when he was just getting warmed up.

Just watch this…remember this is the President of the United States:

The longest part of his speech was on a topic that the crowd didn’t know was a topic but they certainly do now. This obviously ate at Trump the entire week. Of all the issues that Trump could address on his “first night back” at a rally, he chose to spend so much time on this topic. Humiliating.

Here’s Trump talking about falling on his ass…cause that’s something we want in our heads:

It was unbelievably sad, and revealing.


Peace, y’all


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