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REPORT: More Americans Are Washing Bodies and Gargling With Bleach Since Trump’s Suggestion

One wonders how many people have died directly due to Trump’s ridiculous musings regarding “cures” for COVID when he plays doctor. You will recall that Trump was an early and bizarre advocate for hydroxychloroquine, a drug that we later heard had shady connections to a vitamin seller with ties to India. Later, Trump merely “asked” about whether there was a way to get bleach in and around people’s lungs, possibly UV light down someone windpipe or shoved up from the other direction (which, in Trump, would likely end up in the lungs and then brain, since he’s full of …), the point is, Trump has given particularly poor advice upon trying to convince people that paraphrasing him; “He gets, people are surprised that he really gets it, maybe he has a natural ability.”

But cults are a funny thing – or not so funny, depending on one’s views – and the cultists are the types that will follow the leader’s advice, even if it sorta’ done by code, like when he asked Dr. Birx about bleach, or when he told the MAGAs “take it, take it, what do you have to lose?”

Now, unlike hydroxychloroquine, one doesn’t need a prescription to get a keg of Chlorox, and you will not … no, you will believe what happens next. We only have a screengrab, perhaps we don’t want more.

Brought to you by two of this site’s favorite people, Jonathon Capehart and Steven Schmidt:

Hmmm. Again, what we’re witnessing are side effects of joining a cult lead by someone insane. (Not for nothing, but there are far more serious side effects to drinking the bleach, which is a side effect to the cult). You end up doing things that sound insane, but these things can’t be insane because the leader “recommended it.” You must know that the leader’s never been wrong or you wouldn’t be in the cult in the first place.

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It is really difficult as a liberal to cheer evolution on among humans in today’s world. We’re almost supposed to use our brains to offset evolution’s effects. Yet, mother nature is going to march on, whether we like it or not. If we tell people to please not use or drink bleach, they will likely turn around with an even greater conviction that it works. The libtards are triggered!

Jesus, these people.


Peace, y’all
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