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Republicans are Blaming the New York Times for Reporting the Russia Bounty Story…Not Trump for Ignoring It

In an act that insults all Americans and their intelligence – on top of acting treasonously in ignoring Rusian bounties upon our troops’ heads, the White House invited Republican congressional representatives (GOP only) over to the White House to discuss the problem – meaning there was a meeting to talk about how to survive the political fallout. No Democrat was allowed in, which is not the way the government is supposed to function. But this is Saddam’s government in the United States. It also tells you everything you need to know about the truth of what comes out.

The plan they came up with is more disgusting and offensive that you even thought possible.

They are going to blame the New York Times for “interrupting an investigation” because (they say) the New York Times hates Trump just that much. Now that the Times has reported on the problem, it will likely never be “solved” according to them, and so the New York Times is the one with American blood on its hands.

Just how stupid do they think we are?

Why were Democrats not invited if this is the case?

A hit piece? This “hit piece” has been confirmed by several other news outlets and the British intelligence services. Maybe it’s a “hit piece” because it is the truth, which seems to often hurt the Trump administration.

Right. “Ongoing” and that’s why it has been confirmed by so many others, and again, the British. I am sure it would have been “ongoing” the entire Trump administration.

Again, the media is always the bad guy whenever something negative about Trump comes out. It is never Trump’s fault. And perhaps you can ask some of the other intelligence agencies around the world to “finish it” for you since they seem to be done.

We have noticed that no one in the administration has condemned Russia, and you aren’t, either. It sounds traitorous, giving Russia a pass again! Just like with the election. They ALWAYS get a pass.

What part of the story do we need to hear? Tell us! Apparently you heard it, and since the cat’s out of the bag, maybe you can share the rest of the story.

Yeah, we do see the Trump Russia scandal over and over because it fcking won’t go away. Trump continues to be subservient. Trump has STILL not come out and confronted Russia on the “half story” so please do tell us again what it is that Trump has been tough about.

The comments in response were every bit as angry as you’d imagine.

Exactly. Trump has discussed some of our most sensitive intelligence with Russia.

Exactly. If this was true, why weren’t the Democrats there?

This is more disgusting than any attempt at an excuse that I could have imagined. Trump is guilty of doing nothing while our soldiers were being killed and rather than blasting Russia and warning them when the story came out, they decided to make the NYT the enemy.

How very very typical. Go after American media rather than Russia. THAT is why the Russian collusion never goes away, Trump never stops kissing Putin’s ass.


Peace, y’all
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