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The Ratings Are In: The Lincoln Project Releases the ‘Most Brutal Political Ad Ever’ and it Ends Trump

We have already reported on several ads today. Generally, we stay away from covering each fantastic ad that comes out. But we simply can’t this weekend. The confluence of such earth-shaking news emerging over the last week demands to be preserved for history in dynamic video with overlapping commentary. We can report and comment on the news and we do it well. But to feel its impact to the fullest requires the use of all senses. It sinks deeper.

These messages belong sunk deep into your soul. It has been a generation since the smashing news demands a place in your heart as the explosive and emotional revelations that have hit us, nearly knocking us over.

Thus it is that we want to continue to report on these ads, for today or tomorrow, ads that are being produced in real-time to capture that moment and ingrain it into us, to propel us into action. History has its eyes on all of us. Someday, sooner rather than later, “2020” will go down in the history books as a paradigm shift in the American trajectory, and the question will be asked; “Where were you and what did you do?”

All of us, you, and the editors here, we will say we were documenting it and disseminating the critical message with the needed urgency. So herewith, what is described below as “the most brutal political ad ever created.”


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Think about it. Russia incentivized (a lot) the killing of Americans like you and me, dead. Families are left behind. Russians rejoicing in the victory. The president does nothing, except perhaps rewarding Russia for their troubles. Let that soak in and own it, in your heart. It could be (or could have been) your spouse, your son, your best friend, a brother, an uncle, and – the hardest for me – a dad to a little girl. None are coming back, in part because Russians knew they could do it. Our president didn’t care.

This is why we report and bring these to you, multiple times the last two days.

Because the story must be told.


Peace, y’all
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