Trump Campaign Claims That Saturday Night’s Rally Was an ‘Epic’ Success

The Trump campaign expected huge crowds at Saturday’s campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with campaign manager Brad Parscale claiming hundreds of thousands of people were scheduled to show up, but those expectations fell flatter than a pancake when a mere 6,200 showed up.

Meaning, of course, that Trump’s campaign is collectively wearing egg on their faces and apparently trying to do damage control. By claiming that 4 million viewers tuned in online to watch the event, Business Insider reports.

“President Trump’s rally in Tulsa attracted over four million unique viewers across all of the campaign’s digital media channels,” said Tim Murtaugh, Trump 2020 Communications Director, in a statement. “The live-streamed quality pre-rally shows drew an audience of more than 2.5 million unique viewers by themselves. These numbers don’t even include television viewers.”

Of course, that may be about as accurate as Parscale’s clearly wrong claim, so who knows how many people actually watched online?

Murtaugh’s statement seems to be a response to news that showed the poor turnout at the rally. Huge crowds had been expected because it was Trump’s first rally since the coronavirus pandemic shut the country down in March. In the week leading up to the rally, Coronavirus has hit Tulsa County quite hard, with a 100 percent spike in new cases, including 136 new cases on the day of the rally. And six of his staffers have also recently tested positive for the virus.

In typical Trump fashion, this has led him to call for a “slow down” in coronavirus testing, calling it a “double-edged sword” because more testing leads to more cases of the virus being diagnosed. Well, duh.

“When you do testing to that extent, you’re gonna find more people,” he told rally-goers. “You’re gonna find more cases. So I said to my people, ‘slow the testing down please.'”

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That alone should have told the Trump faithful attending the rally that their messiah doesn’t care about them, but some of these dim bulbs just don’t get it.

But maybe some did since thousands of seats were left empty at the BOK Center, where the rally was held. The Tulsa Fire Department reported that only about 6,200 showed up to warm the more than 19,000 seats. A massive outdoor area for overflow crowds was also shuttered as a result of the paltry turnout.

And just think, this may all be thanks to wily TikTok using teens and K-Pop Stans who banded together and reserved thousands of tickets, only to never show up.

But Parscale and Murtaugh are blaming protesters and the media for the poor turnout, while Trump himself called the protesters “thugs.” Because that’s typical Trump. He’s that kind of guy.

If it were possible, I’d personally congratulate every single one of those teens and the band members for doing this, and you have to admit this was clever and pretty ballsy all at the same time. Good for them!

In a fundraising email on Sunday, the Trump campaign even called their rally an “epic” success.

Which certainly got a laugh on Twitter:

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