Trump Campaign Hits Rock Bottom: Sr. Advisor Refers to U.S. Congresswoman as a ‘Terrorist’

Permit me the indulgence. We rarely use first person on this site. We are a news site, not a blog. But this article is coming straight at you from an op-ed perspective.

I am sick of this administration and campaign, sick of their governing and messaging (I am combining the campaign with the administration because there’s no difference in their M.O.). Their method is to create an American version of  Saddam Hussein, complete with Uday and Qusay. This gang humiliates us with its adolescent attitude that taunts the American public, “If you don’t like what we’re doing, try to stop us, ha ha ha.” They are in our face with their racism, their corruption (on the take from the Secret Service), their pride in anti-intellectualism, aka “stupidity,” loving the “Q” folks at the rallies. They don’t like to read or learn, so they don’t have to read, even PDBs. They don’t have to follow decorum with allies. They can call foreign leaders “stupid,” like they’re playing beer league softball. And they can suck-up to dictators that like to play their favorite game, global relations as a craps table.

Oh, and they can proudly display their toxic white entitlement, a status that they’re working hard to preserve. If they had an administration platform, entitlement would be the centerpiece. Make America Great Again is code for “Put everyone back in their place!” They can use racist dog whistles, or not even use the whistle. We can even see the smirk as they do it.

Today, “they” did this. I ascribe the act to the entire administration-campaign because Katrina Pierson, the campaign adviser, won’t be disciplined or relieved of her position. This is the attitude the administration wants to portray. She is typical. They relish this, one can feel their giggles and self-satisfied assuredness in their power. “Good one, Katrina.”

Yeah, I hate Trump, too. But they wouldn’t call me a terrorist because I’m a white Canadian-American man. They will call Cong. Omar a terrorist because she’s a Somali Muslim immigrant.

Who do you think is/was a better president?

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Despite being a Democrat, I have had huge issues with some of the things Congresswoman Omar has said. She has said things I have found offensive and/or just stupid, needlessly provocative. But she’s a freshman congresswoman, growing pains are part of the job. That being said, she is a sitting U.S. Congresswoman and deserves the respect that comes with the office. I can be critical of her positions and statements while also respecting that she is the one who ran for office and got the votes, not me. She deserves respect for doing it and one should be respectful in their criticism. Only the Trump administration-campaign would be comfortable with calling her a “terrorist.”

We started this long column in first person so I’ll just say I am sick of it. It is not “okay,” indeed it is not even “traditional” or “old school” as a throwback that the Trumps love. Traditionally sitting senators and congresspersons are worthy of respect because of the office they hold.

This brings the entire country down. Far from making America great, it takes us to new lows, to levels that only the Trumps and the Trump followers want to go. Indeed, they seem to want that “Saddam-type” of government because they want that unlimited power. So long as they’re the ones with unlimited power, it allows them to mercilessly “own” the “libtards,” whom they hate far more than Putin or China. They can call a congresswoman a terrorist and smile. “Try stopping us.”

Sick of it.


Peace, y’all
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