Trump Humiliates Himself By Holding Bible Upside Down in Pathetic Church Photo Op After Gassing Citizens

Trump took to the podium today timed to start at the same time that federal troops on mounted military police, active-duty military police, began to push a peaceful protest back. Trump ran down a list of purely self-serving list of instances of violence against law enforcement or property, while not mentioning the many instances when the police have beaten, shot, and imprisoned peaceful protesters, like the one that was occurring in Washington DC as the federal troops moved the protesters out.

The federal troops broke up an entirely peaceful protest which is a First Amendment Right to peacefully assemble. Trump is terrified, he has only – so far – moved protests away from the White House. What a terrified little man.

Trump says he is sending thousands of federal troops, active duty military, out through the country to put down the protests. When do they leave? Once federal troops are there, at what point is there certainty that the protests are done? That is the issue, once one decides to send troops into a country – this time our country, our own fcking country – we’ve seen how hard it is to leave that situation. It took almost 18 years in Afghanistan. How long here?

Trump has essentially declared martial law. One would be hard-pressed to think of a difference between what Trump just ordered and total martial law. He has deployed federal Army troops for civilian law enforcement which is entirely illegal under the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. He is using the Insurrection act, at odds with Posse Comitatus.

Trump is now going to the church near the White House to impress his base, harden it up. He is a just and religious man. Fcker

This is very hard to believe. One is shaking and shuddering thinking about it. Historian John Meecham says that Trump is shaking a fist rather than reaching out.

Remember, he talked to Putin earlier today. This seems like an action that has been agreed upon, or suggested by Putin. Almost like Trump either needs permission, or needs to take orders from Putin. That is speculation but we cannot ignore the fact that on the day that Trump released federal troops, he talked to Putin, no other world leader that we know of.

This is the culmination of everything Trump. He believes he is showing strength. He has never looked smaller, and never could. This is the ultimate in presidential crime. He cannot do worse right now.

Trump then walked across the street, having the military tear-gas peaceful protestors so he could stand in front of a church with a Bible.

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