Trump Humiliates Himself With Ridiculous Self-Important Tweet-Meme: ‘They’re After You’

We spent ten minutes looking for the indication that Trump’s latest tweet came from a parody account. It is so juvenile, ridiculous, self-important, and self-impressed, it is hard to believe he would tweet it out. It is especially hard to believe given all that has broken lately in the news.

We will set out the tweet, but to fully appreciate it we’ll set out where things stand. On Russia, we have confirmed that Trump was warned on February 27th with high confidence. The intelligence community had “receipts,” meaning they had evidence of money moving from Russia to the Taliban. Trump’s excuse is that he didn’t read the entire PDB. Only in the Trump world is it an excuse to fail to read and comprehend intelligence that impacted the health and safety of troops. Furthermore, whether Trump knew about the bounties then or not, he definitely knows now, he has had four days. Yet he hasn’t condemned Russia, hasn’t talked sanctions, hasn’t talked retaliation, hasn’t talked about how to protect the troops from this point forward, and hasn’t publicly (or privately to our knowledge) lashed out at Putin. He has done nothing – again.

Moreover, of course, Trump did nothing to prevent COVID from washing over the country. He said it was a hoax, said it was the flu, said it would go away, said it was cured by hydroxychloroquine, he won’t advocate wearing masks. In a real sense, Donald Trump is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths.

So now he issues this tweet:

Who is “they”? Liberals? It must be, because we’re the only enemy Trump gives a shit about. As Bolton said, everything is seen through the prism of Trump’s reelection, and we’re standing in the way of that cause. We must be the enemy that Trump holds off (in his mind).

Trump isn’t in the way of Russians paying to have our soldiers killed. He isn’t in the way of COVID running through the nation. How important does this man believe himself to be? Who puts out a tweet this arrogant, this self-satisfied?

As you might imagine, some people had some thoughts in reply:

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That last one seems like hyperbole. But then one thinks about it …


Peace, y’all
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