Trump is a Traitor and This Viral Must-Watch New Video Explains Why Trump Must Go

Let this sink in, as it is starting to throughout the United States. An American president hears that an adversary is paying terrorists to kill American soldiers. The president is told. The staff presents options to stop it and confront the killers. The president does nothing to stop it, indeed ends up rewarding that country with a prized G8 invitation. The president wanted to please a man who murdered Americans more than protect the Americans, all to benefit himself – we can be near certain now.

We have reported on it through the weekend, several times. But we continue to do so, continue to bring you new videos, new articles, because it is so very difficult to internalize. The American president has failed to be an American first, putting his own interests with Putin ahead of American interests, even American lives!! It is so unthinkable that it is very hard to see it for what it is. It is a dereliction of duty of the highest order, it is traitorous, and it is the single most shocking presidential act, perhaps ever.

We keep contending that this hasn’t fully penetrated the American public’s consciousness. It broke Friday night, it’s a summer weekend. But the meaning will sink in, the workweek is coming. Several groups are in emergency mode, working around the clock, to get messages out in time for the week, to force-feed the seriousness of it to citizens.

Two things to mention before we show you the latest video. One, the excuse that Trump “didn’t know” isn’t tenable, but even if it is true, how is it that Trump hasn’t fired 50 intelligence personnel already, for failing to get such crucial information to him? Where is his outrage at his own people if they failed him? (We doubt they did, there is no conceivable way that information doesn’t get to the president’s desk). How is Trump not as mad as he’s ever been that he couldn’t protect Americans because no one told him? It isn’t there, likely because they told him, and Trump didn’t care or couldn’t do anything about it.

Second, if Trump didn’t know, where is his furious reaction and message to Russia? Where are the emergency meetings with the ambassador? Where are the UN complaints? Where are the discussions with NATO allies? Where are the congressional briefings? Where are the threats to sanction Russia? Where is the demand for reparations to the families? Where is the demand for an apology? Where is the phone call with Putin, the warning to stop immediately, and the threat of retaliation if it ever happens again? Where is the retaliatory strike to ensure Russia gets hurt and learns a lesson?

None of it exists. Because in reality, Trump must let Putin do what Putin wants. Trump has no freedom to do any of the above. (How else is it explained? If he does and is doing nothing, that’s almost just as bad!) That is astounding and could lead Trump to step down in the next month.

Meanwhile, video ads and memes are being created intense urgency, all in an effort to wake up the American public, including GOP pols and Fox News broadcasters. We have a president who is endangering the lives of American troops. People must know. Yet another one video is here.

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From Don Winslow: #TrumpTraitor

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