Trump Says It’s Safe to Reopen While Efforts to Keep Trump from Getting COVID Go into Overdrive

While COVID comes roaring back, Trump is missing in action. Trump’s absence from the COVID taskforce meeting yesterday was conspicuous, given that the disease threatens to upend the country and with it, his presidency. CNN brings us an article that leaves open the question as to whether Trump was scared to attend the meeting out of fear of exposure to the virus, or exposure to questions.

Either way, the article emphasizes that while Trump appears done with the virus, the virus isn’t done with the United States or Trump. It is getting harder and harder to protect both the country and its president.

As he seeks to insert rival Joe Biden’s health into the presidential campaign, Trump has voiced escalating concern about how it would appear if he contracted coronavirus and has insisted on steps to protect himself, even as he refuses to wear a mask in public and agitates for large campaign rallies where the virus could spread.
Yeah, it sure would look shitty if he got COVID, seeing as how there is an entire infrastructure set up around him to keep him from getting it. On the other hand, the operation is run by the government and he’s in charge of the government. We are sure that the Secret Service is doing all they can, and yet as reckless as Trump is, it is a shock that he hasn’t tested positive yet.
When he travels to locations where the virus is surging, every venue the President enters is inspected for potential areas of contagion by advance security and medical teams, according to people familiar with the arrangements. Bathrooms designated for the President’s use are scrubbed and sanitized before he arrives. Staff maintain a close accounting of who will come into contact with the President to ensure they receive tests.
While the White House phases out steps such as temperature checks and required mask-wearing in the West Wing — changes meant to signal the country is moving on — those around the President still undergo regular testing. And even as Trump attempts to put the pandemic behind him by encouraging reopening and downplaying the new surge, there are signs of the still-raging pandemic even within his orbit.
Yes, we love hearing about how “testing is a double-edged sword” when it is said by a man who tests everyone coming into his presence.
We hope that the Secret Service has contingency plans because as Trump finds himself increasingly behind Biden, Trump will attempt all kinds of drastic action to get himself back in contention, and thus people will have to be ready to move fast.
It will be an amazing accomplishment if the best security service in the world, the U.S. Secret Service, keeps Trump from testing positive before November 2020.


Peace, y’all
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