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Trump Screams About Not Getting Credit for Dr. Fauci’s High Coronavirus Approval Numbers, ‘Fake News!’

Just one hour ago, Donald Trump affirmed that he was “not kidding” about telling the CDC and health care regulators to slow the testing down because testing just reveals more cases.

As we already reported this morning, this admission should get a president impeached. Trump has already done more this morning to protect statues than he has to protect the American people.

Yet despite Trump’s obvious failures, he is still screaming – like the male Karen that he is – that he isn’t getting the praise he deserves. (As an aside, take a look at COVID infection rates among any other First World nations, Japan, South Korea, Europe, Australia-NZ, Canada, all of them, are far far better than our record.)


He is literally whining that he’s not getting enough credit on the COVID battle. We agree. He isn’t being properly credited with the number of deaths. No president could have prevented all loss of life (probably), but we get the sense that a competent one could have kept our path similar to South Korea, Japan, or Australia. He is not properly credited with 60-100K deaths which should, by all means, be pinned to him forever.

Many Americans agree, both with the sensible objective analysis, and our point about just how big a baby this man must be. He is whining that it is only the media that is keeping him from having “Fauci-levels” of approval when what he doesn’t realize is that Fauci’s approval levels are so high because he seems to be the one trustworthy person in this administration!

Exactly. And that is only the beginning of the list.

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We will never know how many, but the number of people that died because Trump made wearing a mask “PC” should be mentioned along with the testing issue as his biggest failure.


Peace, y’all


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