Trump Screams About Removal of John Wayne’s Name from California Airport, ‘Incredible Stupidity!’

Trump is furious that the Black Lives Matter movement and the call for national unity is just going too far, for Trump. He finds this whole thing ridiculous and uncalled for. What are our black brothers and sisters going to ask for next? Equality?

Trump believes it is very important to tell you that all this has gone way too far. People want to strip Orange County’s John Wayne airport in California of its name. John Wayne, American “hero!”

The nerve of these people. Trump cannot believe how ridiculous all this is.

Except, it’s not ridiculous at all. Indeed, the only ridiculous part is that it has taken this long to get the attention it deserves:

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Well that’s about as bad as it gets. There may be some consideration given to Americans who lived over one hundred years ago, people who might have said or done awful things but measured alongside other important work to consider in forming that person’s reputation – George Washington is a good example. Washington was a slave owner and that’s a very dark mark. But Washington also defeated the British and founded the nation, along with serving as the first president. Thus there are good works to be considered and weighed alongside the racism.

John Wayne worked with black Americans in his life. These black Americans were not only “free,” but in a post segregation era, post-Martin Luther King era, and yet John Wayne proudly advertised his disgusting racism until his dying days. Moreover, John Wayne was an actor, not the hero at Yorktown, there is nothing significant to consider as historically important alongside his racism.

Still, Trump thinks this racial sensitivity has gone too far! This must upset the racist a great deal. He still hasn’t apologized for re-tweeting “white power” yesterday, so of course, he wants to continue honoring John Wayne. Trump doesn’t care that Wayne was a racist.


Peace, y’all
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