White House Staff Infuriated With the Fawning, Ass-Kissing Manner Trump Speaks to Putin in Private Calls

Carl Bernstein’s blockbuster new report on CNN’s website states that Trump’s private interactions with other world leaders (phone calls and private conversations) are a national security threat because of Trump’s abusive and bullying attitude with allied leaders. But another shocking element of the story is that the White House staff is incredulous and furious about Trump’s manner in speaking to Putin. Trump is solicitous, fawning, overly-complimentary, and needy whenever he speaks with Putin. To use an analogy, Trump seems like the skinny 15-year-old boy in love with the varsity cheerleader, dying for just a moment’s attention.

How humiliating?

We go to the report for details:

In numerous calls with Putin that were described to CNN, Trump left top national security aides and his chiefs of staff flabbergasted, less because of specific concessions he made than because of his manner — inordinately solicitous of Putin’s admiration and seemingly seeking his approval — while usually ignoring substantive policy expertise and important matters on the standing bilateral agenda, including human rights; and an arms control agreement, which never got dealt with in a way that advanced shared Russian and American goals that both Putin and Trump professed to favor, CNN’s sources said.

This is the man that the MAGA heads love because they see him as so “tough.” I have heard MAGA head say that he loves Trump because Trump “doesn’t take any shit.” Yet Trump infuriates his own staff by spending phone calls with Putin begging for compliments, attention, and approval. What the MAGA head means by “not taking shit,” is that Trump “doesn’t take shit” from liberals – whom the MAGA heads hate far more than Putin. They see us as a far bigger adversary than Putin. They don’t care if Putin is Trump’s babysitter, promising some icecream and an extra ten minutes if Trump is “good.”

When one combines the above revelation with the fact that Trump still hasn’t said or done a thing about Russian bounties put on the lives of American soldiers, one would hope that even the GOP senate would be running out of patience with Trump and Russia – wanting to know what the fck is going on, what Putin has over Trump. When will they demand an answer to what it is that leads to such pathetic adolescent behavior regarding Putin.

Upon reviewing all the evidence we’ve seen regarding Trump and his relationship with Putin, we believe that the burden of proof is now on Trump to demonstrate that Putin doesn’t have something held over him. Trump appears fully compromised. If Trump isn’t fully compromised, he certainly acts fully compromised to the point it makes almost no difference. When it comes to Trump, Putin gets whatever Putin wants.

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How depressing, humiliating, and disgusting.


Peace, y’all
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