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Advisers Tried to Help a Reportedly ‘Inconsolable’ Trump by Bringing Big Trucks to the White House

President Donald Trump has been feeling glum lately as his poll numbers continue to plummet, so his aides have been trying to keep his spirits up, Mediaite reports. So far they have appealed to his inner man-baby by bringing him trucks to amuse him.

Because folks, that’s the kind of president we have. A septuagenarian who’s a permanent three-year-old.

A fleet of trucks showed up at the White House on April 16 for an event celebrating America’s truckers. This plot was hatched by Trump’s advisers, including Hope Hicks and Dan Scavino — who hoped to cheer him up by bringing him toys, The Washington Post reports.

“Other top White House advisers — including Hope Hicks and Dan Scavino — have also sought to buttress Trump’s mood with events they thought he would enjoy, such as celebrating truckers by bringing 18-wheelers onto the White House South Lawn in mid-April or creating social media videos that feature throngs of his adoring fans, according to aides,” per the Post.

His aides also hoped to use Trump’s Mount Rushmore July 3 event to boost his mood but this seems to have backfired.

“To some of his longtime advisers, the president has seemed tired, low-energy, and lacking the passion and energy that defined him when he was a candidate during the 2016 race,” the Post reports.  “Aides noticed he largely read his script at Mount Rushmore and did not veer off the teleprompters for high-energy riffs like he usually does when delivering political speeches.”

If that helped in any way, it was probably only momentary at best and according to one anonymous outside adviser, Trump seemed inconsolable during one recent conversation, per the Post. In general, Trump is unhappy over the economic ramifications of the pandemic and the nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd.

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As usual, he’s upset over media coverage of the protests because he feels he’s being blamed, and that there’s nothing he can do to alleviate the situation.

“[S]ome stupid cop in Minneapolis kneels on someone’s neck and now everyone is protesting,” the adviser said, summarizing Trump’s rant to the Post.

But people aren’t protesting just because this cop was “stupid.” Cops have been routinely killing Black people and kind, decent Americans who care about this are fed-up. You can’t just pass this off as a “stupid” cop because this has been happening for far too long.

And as far as the pandemic, the situation in the U.S. is almost entirely Trump’s fault with the death toll at nearly 137,000. He’s openly discouraged people from wearing masks and has undermined his own coronavirus task force by doing things like pushing for fewer tests.

This is a president who’s had plenty of chances to redeem himself. If he loses it’s his own fault.

Looks like he’ll need more trucks.

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