After 137K American COVID Deaths Trump Finally Wears a Mask and People Have Some Thoughts

We should all be straight on one thing. Trump has finally figured out – three weeks too late – that we’re digging ourselves into a much bigger hole as a nation with COVID than we ever had with New York. He is also starting to realize two other things. Republicans everywhere, from governors to senators, know that one of the first steps in stomping COVID out is if everyone dons a mask. Trump might have figured out that the U.S. is crippled until the pandemic is beaten.

Trump, of course, is the same man who has berated Joe Biden for wearing a mask, insinuating that Biden was a baby.

He is likely worried about the makeup stains or having his pancake makeup smeared over his face.


That’s right. This is the same guy that said he’d look like Zoro, even though Zoro covered his eyes, not his nose, and mouth!

Trump’s statement on wearing a mask as he went into the helicopter:

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Yes, there is a time and place to wear masks. The time is during a pandemic. The place is anywhere around others in the country with the pandemic. That is the time and place, meaning whenever he goes out of the White House.

Trump visited Walter Reed to see wounded warriors. We think. It is possible that Trump has other reasons to go to Walter Reed but we haven’t heard anything about other possibilities.

Here we have a typical Trumper, and the retort from a decent person:

One can tell that Trump isn’t happy about having to do this:

He believes it makes him look less manly while he cries on Twitter that everything is so unfair to him.

Yes. He did spend a lot of time mocking Biden. Trump also mocked reporters who insisted upon wearing a mask. Trump said that reporters wanted to be “PC” by wearing a mask. Trump’s refusal to wear a mask has set this nation way back in the fight against COVID.

Yes, he did. He should have done it three months ago. Better late than never, and we mean that.


Peace, y’all
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