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Court Unseals Epstein Documents Related to Alleged Accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell and OMG It’s Bad

Various members of the media, but principally the Miami Herald, filed suit in New York to open files in some of the victims’ lawsuits against Jeffery Epstein with victims’ names heavily redacted, and some of the alleged abusers. Some names of the abusers were not redacted as we’ll see below. The judge ordered the files opened and the media and Twitter is only beginning to pour over then. They are as lurid and awful as you would expect, and worse.

It is critical to remember that these are allegations within depositions and various motions. These are not findings made by the court in either a summary judgment proceeding and certainly not a trial.

In order to sound a bit more sophisticated in a slop of sewage, one should temper everything with the fact that they’re allegations. But they are damned powerful accusations:

The men in these documents will be crying about the victims’ credibility. But it would be nearly impossible for a victim to put together a list of more diverse and weird names than one including Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew! If one was simply grasping at famous men, there are far more “famous men” in the Epstein circle (not all have been released, either), and these don’t appear to be the biggest fish. It seems credible “enough” to have a very wary eye on these men.

Incidentally, just having Alan Dershowitz in Epstein’s orbit sort of shows that Epstein knew all along that he’d need the best criminal lawyers to help set-up his enterprise (teaching how to leave plausible deniability) and then someone immediately available to consult if trouble popped up. By sheer “coincidence,” Dershowitz was happy to argue for Donald Trump during his impeachment, with the single stupidest argument in constitutional law history.

One of the most monstrous allegations to come out of the files is that Epstein enslaved a “girl” (we will never use “woman”) as a slave, and there is no other word to use. One could put the “s** slave” and be accurate but putting it in a column throws us into a separate bin on the net. We won’t.

Epstein used this girl for over three years, and tossed her around like a toy, or – literally, a slave. It says Epstein became “enamored” with this girl and … it is just too awful to write:

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It is hard to believe.

And yet many people did know. It was right out in the open! The FBI knew, local police knew, it seems like everyone in the club knew, but the rich social set around Epstein and his relationship (of whatever kind) to the FBI insulated him from real charges:

This is going to implicate people in the Obama administration, in the FBI – high up. It is going to be extremely difficult for the Democrats and Biden, to navigate. But, the one thing that might help Biden is that Trump cannot say a word about any of this or … things will get problematic for a lot of people. Of course, Epstein had been doing this a long time, and thus it will implicate at least two administrations.

This is just the start of the analysis. Of course, these are mere allegations, but they are strong allegations that implicate a lot of people that should have been looking into this, should have been protecting these poor girls who were literally “trapped” by Ghislaine and put in a cage with the monster.



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