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Fox’s Marc Siegel Drools Over Trump’s Cognitive Exam, ‘He is Extremely Sharp, We Need a Leader With That Level of Sharpness!’

Appearing on Fox & Friends Thursday Fox News medical correspondent Marc Siegel went completely overboard with his praise of President Donald Trump’s so-called mental “acuity” while referring to cognitive test. On the program, Siegel did a blow-by-blow report about his interview with the president, including the part where Trump blarted on endlessly about how he conquered a mental fitness test that his Democratic rival Joe Biden never could.

For those who have forgotten what he said, here’s a reminder, courtesy of Mediaite.

“It was 30, 35 questions,” Trump said. “The first questions are very. The last questions are much more difficult. Like a memory question. It’s like you’ll go, ‘person, woman, man, camera, TV.’ So they say ‘could you repeat that?’ I said yeah. ‘Person, woman, man, camera, TV.’ Okay, that’s very good. If you get it in order you get extra points. Okay, now he’s asking you other questions, other questions. And then, 10 minutes, 15-20 minutes later, they say, remember the first question, not the first but the tenth question? Give us that again. Can you do that again? And you go ‘Person, woman, man, camera, TV.’ If you get it in order you get extra points. They said nobody gets it in order. It’s actually not that easy, but for me it was easy.”

During the program Thursday, Siegel went off the charts with his praise of Trump.

“In a sense, that interview was a cognitive test,” he told Fox & Friends. “He is extremely sharp on every second. And he did a test on TV where he basically, you know, went through how great his memory. And what he said was even all the major leaders of the world, Ainsley [Earhardt]. He talked about Putin, he talked about Chairman Xi. Whatever you think of them, they are extremely sharp, and we need a leader that has that level of awareness and sharpness.”

Trump and his campaign cohorts have long been trying to paint Biden as being in cognitive decline, but anyone capable of critical thinking knows this isn’t true. Biden’s made a few missteps but they pale in comparison to Trump’s.

Trump’s misstep are canyons; Biden’s are potholes. Let’s hope people remember this on Election Day this November.


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