GOP Consultant: ‘Republicans Are Fed Up With Trump’s Divisiveness’ and are Skipping RNC Convention

The Trump campaign is in free fall, as is readily apparent to everyone. What’s more, Trump seems intent upon doing the exact opposite of what most believe is the “way to turn it around.” It is so bad that one wonders whether Trump is getting political advice long-distance from the East, by a guy who is most-definitely trying to destroy our country.

Regardless, the GOP is sick of Trump. One need only ask a guy in the GOP, who also believes that the Republican National Convention might be doomed. Link:

According to Alex Conant, a GOP strategist, Republican candidates are at their wit’s end having to deal with the fall-out from the increasingly unpopular president.

There’s a real disagreement between the president and his party in this election,” Conant explained. “I think a lot of Republicans are really fed up with the president’s divisive strategy. People are just throwing up their hands with some of the rhetoric that’s coming out of the president. It’s really unhelpful not just to his own re-election, but also to keeping the Senate.”

No kidding?

Fittingly, the GOP national convention may be shuttered due to the huge spike in cases caused at least in part by Trump’s rushed policies. Trump was desperate to have his convention. It is why they canceled on North Carolina, which required masks. Trump wanted all the pomp and circumstance. Even if they do somehow manage to hold a convention, Trump’s already getting the message that many GOP pols are skipping it altogether.

“Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the oldest GOP senator at age 86, said Monday he would avoid the convention ‘because of the virus situation,’ while Sens. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn.; Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska; Susan Collins, R-Maine; and Mitt Romney, R-Utah, also cited coronavirus concerns as the reason they won’t attend,” USA Today reports, adding that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell hinting he night not attend, calling the convention a “challenging situation.”

If they needed Trump, they’d find a way to go. They don’t, they need separation, and this is a good reason to cancel (we don’t blame them and are not mocking them for canceling. It is the responsible thing to do.)

Even Trump knows he’s losing his support:

“My sense is that Trump is fine with Republicans criticizing his policy, even his tweets, but he’s not OK with them attacking him,” he admitted.

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Trump isn’t “fine” with either one, it is just that Trump knows that if he goes out and attacks the Senators it will get returned in spades. Trump is the one who is way down in the polls, he can’t take that criticism.



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