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Jared and Ivanka May Have Just Been Caught Red-Handed in New Tax Fraud Scheme

One of the many huge advantages afforded the rich are the myriad of ways that exist to both hide income through various shell entities and overstate losses in one or two shell entities for either tax write-offs, or bankruptcy altogether (once the money is completely out). It isn’t exactly easy to do because one needs some real experts to set them up, and some real … “baseballs” in running it. One must have almost an assumption that no one is going to look “too close,” and even if a property or company is audited, that there will be some way to “work things out” as often happens when one’s rich. Often the right campaign donation or some money moved toward some folks helps smooth things out.

It is far safer to steal millions of dollars through various LLCs and property than to steal a few hundred from a store or thousands from a bank.

But the “game” gets a little different when people want to put you under a microscope. What might have been relatively easy when one was just a number on forms gets far more difficult when one is in politics and is both distrusted and disliked. This is especially true when no one ever “expected” to win, and thus one hasn’t spent a decade ensuring that everything was squeaky clean in one’s financial past. Just ask Donald Trump, about “not expecting to win.” And it is really true when there is no one to pay off or sweet talk if caught.

Enter Jared and Ivanka. It looks like the Citizens for Ethics has their mitts into both of them, finding inconsistencies in their reporting and – possibly – running money through the Middle East, Dubai – specifically. That little rat Jared often seems to entangle himself in the Middle East.

You can read the specifics here:

Or get just a good overview through this:

We don’t have the infrastructure to go through them the way that Citizens for Ethics has, but there are some glaring inconsistencies that beg for an explanation, and that Dubai company likely isn’t unrelated – though there is no actual proof that they’re one in the same company, YET. It certainly sounds like they’re one in the same – and we don’t trust either of these two.

We will happily report on CREWS findings as they go through this with a fine tooth comb. But we should remember that these two are reckless as hell and count upon no one in Bill Barr’s Justice Department or the IRS making “waves” for our royal couple.

The waves will come from the outside and eventually will crash down on them. If someone wants to get cute and start stealing by paper, one can be anonymous and reckless, one can hide for a long time, but eventually, with people looking hard enough, one will get caught, as they may have just been.


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