Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Returns to Twitter and Says Trump MUST GO — Then Asks AOC to Adopt Her

It is a little difficult to write about Claudia Conway. She is a kid, and everyone should remember that, she’s only sixteen years old. So there won’t be any criticism here, though she’s far from perfect. But there are people who are 106 and aren’t perfect.

She is a force of nature. And she returned to Twitter after a prolonged absence, seemingly imposed by mom and dad, George Conway and Kellyanne Conway. Obviously the dynamic is explosive. Kellyanne Conway has sold her soul to Trump and George has devoted his professional life to getting rid of Trump.

And along comes their wonderful daughter.

Their teen daughter, Claudia, tends to side with Dad on all things political. She drew attention for her social media thoughts a month ago, leading her parents to take away her social media privileges. But she was back at it on Wednesday night, slamming Trump and asking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to adopt her.

Conway wrote, “got my phone back! probably wont have it for long though considering i’m about to revolutionize twitter brb.”


We have no idea what she will do with her life, she’s a kid – as we noted – but she’s not the normal kind. She does seem to be interested in activism. The blurb above says she tends to stick with Dad politically – but that’s only in the age of Trump, wait until she finds out her dad is quite conservative.  Regardless, we believe her when she says she’s going to revolutionize something. She is a risk-taker, sometimes not in the right way, but she’ll find her way.

Right now, her activism is confined to defeating mom and Trump:

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No mistake there.

As we said, she’s a kid. She’s surely going to regret some of these. But not all of them.

Be careful, kiddo. It’s a big world and not always nice. But we like your enthusiasm.


Peace, y’all
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