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LA Times: Last Doors Shutting on Trump Campaign, Aides Say New Hampshire Rally Cancellation is a Massive Blow

Fittingly, the disease that Trump helped wash over the country is the one that his own aides now believe will take him down, absent a miracle with respect to the economy. Moreover, his aides realize that were that not enough, Trump’s inability to have his giant rallies as a campaign crutch is sealing things. To that end, the New Hampshire cancellation is just devastating. Oh, and it isn’t about the weather.

From the LA Times:

“They are pinning their hopes on the possibility that Trump or the broader political and economic environment will somehow change in the next four months and that the magic of 2016, when Trump eked out a narrow win at the wire, will repeat itself in his face-off against Joe Biden,” the report said.

Yes, well, we ask them to point in any direction indicating that Trump is capable of doing anything to change the economy or the broader political climate. Trump is doubling down on the three things that are killing his campaign. He continues to do everything wrong with COVID, in doing so he’s screwing the economy, and not demanding more aide for people (Biden merely needs to say he’s putting together a giant aid package and look 10x better), and Trump is tripling down on his racism, which is what is turning more and more of the last college-educated whites against him.

So, we find it interesting that they’re even entertaining the idea that the big picture is going to change. But it is the rally thing that is just devastating from their point of view. The Tulsa screw-up will go down in campaign history, then the cancellation in little New Hampshire? Boom. (God knows why rallies are so important, he makes a complete ass of himself).

For weeks, President Trump’s campaign aides have fretted about whether he could draw a major crowd to an outdoor venue Saturday night in Portsmouth, N.H., or if not, whether they could stage the event to make it look full.

Sounds just like people who think that it’s all a TV show. So they can’t even manage a TV show right?

The decision reflects the growing nervousness in Trump’s campaign, which is desperate to avoid another embarrassment as his prospects for a second term dim. The struggle to stage the giant raucous rallies that propelled Trump’s 2016 run makes clear just how difficult his second campaign has become.

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Yes, well, that is exactly what’s going to happen when a base is decreasing in size every week because it’s watching COVID blanket them and blaming Trump. It all gets back to COVID. Disasters are going to happen, that’s certain. How a president handles them matters. And even if they screw it all up, it helps a lot when it looks like they care.

He can’t even pull that off, and thus neither can the people who voted for him.


Peace, y’all
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