New Devastating Ad RIPS Jared Kushner, Listing ALL His Sad and Pathetic Failures

In hindsight, we should have known exactly how bad things would get when Donald Trump named Jared Kushner the head of seemingly every White House “taskforce” in existence. Jared was to “reinvent government for the 21st century,” bring about “Middle-East Peace,” solve the “Opioid Epidemic,” and run a shadow COVID taskforce, to name just a few of the items put on Jared Kushner’s plate.

You will recall that Jared Kushner is the guy whose father had to donate one million dollars to Harvard University during Jared’s junior year of high school just to ensure Jared’s application was reviewed fairly. Jared went on to get a JD-MBA from NYU, which doesn’t sound too bad until one looks at what Jared did with it. He ran a failed real estate newspaper into the ground and put his entire family’s wealth in jeopardy with what was considered the most overpriced purchase in the history of Manhattan real estate, buying the famed 666 5th Avenue at the height of the real estate crash in a deal so bad it surely would have broken him had … Middle Eastern interests not renegotiated his mortgage two years ago. When we have a new administration, that deal will get a LOT of attention. Recall this was the shit that couldn’t qualify for a security clearance. There was a reason.

Though Jared may have been qualified for a junior partnership at UBS (maybe), senior advisers at the White House generally have the degrees that Jared has and then decades of worthy experience on top of those degrees, perhaps a fellowship at the Kennedy School, a decade working for the Justice Department, a few years at Goldman, Deputy Treasury Secretary, Deputy of the SEC, and a couple of other jobs, only to then be given a position as a “Senior White House Adviser.

Jared skipped all that bullshit, which explains how Jared could make a statement about the federal reserve stocks of PPE, saying that they were “Our reserves” (meaning the feds) and not the “states'” … it makes one want to see his law school transcripts. Jared is not smart.

Regardless, never has anyone gotten so far on so little experience, with the possible exception of his boss, and wife – who doesn’t even have Jared’s experience.

Finally, we get an ad calling out the little shit for what he is, a man who loves plastic surgery almost as much as his wife, a mediocre intellect, limited experience, a penchant for failing upward his entire life, and a colossal ego that prevents him from seeing just how little he knows. He’s made a mockery of a place that once reverberated with power as the pinnacle of global “seriousness,” a place where decisions were made that shaped the world for generations, where things got decided by serious people who were the best of the best. Until Jared.

So it was way past time to take Jared to task for all he’s fcked up, and no one does it better than Meidas Touch:

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Perfect. Except we didn’t need to see so many die to know he was a failure, we knew that on day one.


Peace, y’all
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