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Oddly, Stormy Daniels Might Be the One to Finally Bring Donald Trump Down

We wonder if people even remember the original scandal that led to the New York A.G. case (the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vancy). The case is the one for which Michael Cohen got sent to prison, having to do with tax fraud, campaign cash, etcetera. This is the “Individual One” case. True, Michael Cohen was prosecuted by the federal government under federal charges, and the case before the SCOTUS was a state case, but that doesn’t mean that Trump isn’t “Individual One” as an unindicted co-conspirator. And we all know what it was that Michael Cohen got caught up in. That’s right, paying off Stormy Daniels.

In other words, if it weren’t for Stormy Daniels, we may not have gotten to the precipice of the “first” criminal charges that Trump will face in decades of conning people. She actually took on the entire MAGA movement – a damned scary proposition – and went public with her accusations about him paying her off.

True, the House will eventually get the records subpoenaed by Congress, even if Trump is out of office by then, the House of Representatives will certainly still want that subpoena honored. And there are a whole host of other things that might plague Donald Trump between now and when he misses his last putt on that last hole.

But Stormy, of all people, got him first. How very fitting that it be a brave woman to do it? After all the “tough-guy” stuff about his business background, the mob accusations, the Russians, the fixers, all of it – a woman, one who earns money far more honorably than Trump ever made his, will be the one to get that first scratch.

It has taken far too long, and may well still take way too much time, but the walls are closing in, and the ones that will shut first are due to Stormy. The state of New York may well charge a sitting president with a crime and it will all be due to a payoff for sex. Somewhere there is a splinter of justice in it.

We weren’t the only ones who noticed.


Peace, y’all
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