People are Talking About Trump’s ‘Punch Drunk’ Presser and are Worried About What’s Next, ‘He’s Lashing Out’

One the one hand, Donald Trump has roared. He has now declared war on the 2020 federal election and put it in a corner. He is asking that it be delayed, knowing that it will not be delayed. In the case that it is not delayed, he has effectively declared it rigged and illegitimate already. This is the single most staggering threat to democracy since 1861. The nation should be echoing. Except for one thing.

His tweets look like a shot across the bow. They look like a horrific threat by a strong dictator.

In person, he looks like someone who is about to say “I resign, Pence will be running the country,” any minute. As many said, he looked drugged out of his mind. But John Marshall, publisher of Talking Points Memo hit it just right:

Punch drunk. Meaning he’s been hit, he’s tilting, off balance, can’t speak or look someone in the eye, all because his opponent is too strong and has landed too many shots on the chin. In this case his opponent is reality, Biden, polls, COVID, a dead economy, possibly having to shut the country down again, a prosecutor after his taxes, Putin on line one, and no way out for Trump. That’s “punch drunk,” and god only know what damned pills Trump took before this press conference to get himself through this.

He is weak. But the reasons may be scattered.

There are other factors that might be playing into this. That this is all a distraction, the call for and election delay. Today, the government announced that the nation had the worst economic quarter in history from April through June. It is possible that Trump is just trying to get past that horrific news – perhaps that news hit him hard, and he wants to talk about anything else.

And it doesn’t help that Cain actually was a big supporter and was on the plane to and from Tulsa. Cain died, Cain is the same age as Trump, early 70s. Trump has seen the disease close in on him with O’Brien, his National Security Advisor. Trump may think that sooner or later it’s coming to him.

We don’t know. We do know that major players are now calling Trump out. He is weak, he has no punch left in him, he is reeling in every way, and his only shot is to swing wildly.


Peace, y’all
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