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People Grossed Out After Stephen Miller Doesn’t Cover His Pregnant Wife With Umbrella

There are some people for whom a big COVID announcement wouldn’t give us even the slightest twinge of sympathy whatsoever. There is Trump – who is responsible for over one-hundred thousand deaths, in the opinion of many, and various others. Then there is Stephen Miller, who is as vile as human being as any inside that White House, but he’s one who wasn’t voted into office.

Apparently there are a few reporters who have questions for Stephen Miller about whether he has or ever had COVID. He almost certainly doesn’t right now, as he is filmed below walking into the White House coming from the outside.

There is little chance that he has COVID, so it’s a bit odd that someone asked him about it. Or, maybe there’s something we don’t know. We know his wife Katie tested positive for COVID.

Here is what we do know. Just like Trump, Stephen Miller isn’t the least bit uncomfortable holding his own umbrella, over himself, and leaving his “wife” out in the rain. And Miller doesn’t even have the ridiculous excuse that Trump has, Miller isn’t protecting a $500 “hairdo” on that ugly bald dome. And as if that isn’t enough, Stephen Miller’s wife happens to be pregnant! (How she got pregnant is a completely different subject because we know that Miller isn’t human).

How many men would be comfortable walking in the rain while leaving their pregnant wives to get wet? Plenty in the Trump orbit.

Some things matter less than others. The fate of the nation isn’t riding on whether Miller’s pregnant wife gets wet walking in to work. But some things are extremely symbolic and these Trump men do have a way to send their signal about who matters in this world. It isn’t the “thing” that walks with them.

Twitter is grossed out:

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