People on Twitter are Having a Blast Teasing Trump Over His SCOTUS Loss, ‘What Happened to Law & Order, Honey?’

One is going to hear all kinds of breakdowns by the legal analysts on TV. The reaction will go all the way from Trump’s attorneys claiming an outright victory (wrong) to the people saying this is the end of Trump, that he’s going down in flames. (Not for a while) We were well aware of the fact that Trump was simply trying to buy time, dragging this out over the finish line in November, so he can once again claim that the voters don’t care about his taxes.

He may have done that much, but it’s hardly a victory.

But there is no question that Trump got his ass kicked today, and there is only so far he can kick the can down the road. Additionally, courts can move awfully fast when someone gives them a compelling enough reason, and we don’t see why the House can’t just go straight to court next Monday with a narrowed subpoena and claim that with the election coming, it is critical to get this information in front of the public and pass some legislation to deal with it.

Regardless, Americans were not fooled. Trump’s panic-attack is evidence enough that he understands where this is headed. We pulled some reactions on Twitter from people whose opinion we trust:

We have no respect for warmongering Bill Kristol, but his take above is solid.

We have kicked that question around ourselves. Our conclusion is that yes, he can make a deal with the NY AG to step down. They can condition their non-prosecution agreements over just about anything fair.

Below, Neal Katyal may be the single best legal analyst on TV:

Now on to some of the less reverent:

Trump got another gift today from the government, NYC government:


Every single day we’re posting something about the troops targeted by Russia and their traitor president. Every. Day.

Trump can’t match his neighbor, not even close:

And yes, even today, the Lincoln Project has found time to troll Brad Parscale:

We want to leave you with the best:

We will have more reporting throughout the day.


Peace, y”all


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