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REPORT: Trump Only Started Caring About COVID and Masks When He Realized It Was Hurting HIS BASE

At some point, when historians review how it was that Trump became the consensus “worst president to ever serve,” the primary evidence will coalesce around two underlying reasons. First, eventually, we will find out why it was that Trump was more interested in what Putin and MBS wanted than Pelosi and Schumer. Second, they will point to the fact that Trump never cared about any American that didn’t support him. The COVID crisis didn’t “hit home” with Trump until it started filling hospitals and killing Americans in RED STATES.

Indeed, even the staff in the White House admits (anonymously) that only when COVID threatened the deep south, with the purple mid-west on the horizon, did Trump worry that the spread might be a problem. When COVID was a New York and West Coast problem, it wasn’t an issue and we needed the economy going – masks were shunned. But now it’s a big problem and masks are needed.

According to Crooks and Liars, quoting the Washington Post’s Ashley Parker:

The other thing is his team has been trying to get him to fully engage with this crisis for a while, and I’m told one thing they did recently was they showed him projections showing him that the virus is now in red states with Trump supporters, and further projections showing that it is headed, expected, you know, the next wave of surges in critical battleground states, including in the midwest. The virus is affecting, as they say to the president, “our people,” and that means his base and/or Republicans.

“Our people.”

History will point to this, and perhaps only this, because it infuses every other issue, Trump never sought to help or assist Americans politically opposed to him. He never sought to be president of all Americans. He only supported those who supported him.

Never before, and hopefully, never again, will we have a president this evil and self-absorbed.


Peace, y’all
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